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Dante van Elburg, 1997 NL

Currently living and working in Antwerpen (BE)

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Dante creates by starting. This start, fed by inspiration that takes many forms, is expressed in a big quantity of quick sketches in different mediums. He reproduces these first steps endlessly. Within this reproduction process, transformations of the starting point arise. Dante reacts on these transformations by putting them in perspective with the next move he makes. This way he tries to lose the original luggage that he started with to create an ambiguous and associative way of making. The work is created during and through making.

By making, Dante tries to understand. His attitude towards making is also the opposite of the functions and the way things work in society. Everything outside my studio revolves around effectiveness and assumptions based on useful pretexts. These things do not apply in my studio and work. He believes in the exception and the question. This attitude allows Dante to maintain a broader and open view in his search towards strange coincidences and new combinations.


2023Past to Present‘- Group Exhibition @ Ruis, Nijmegen

2023Springboard Art Fair‘- Group Exhibition/Art Fair @ Werkspoorkathedraal, Utrecht 

2022Wentelteefjes #10‘- Group Exhibition @ BKA Kunstfietsroute, Arnhem 

2022Jan Naaijkens prijs’ – Group Exhibition @ Kunstpodium-T, Tilburg

2022 This Art Fair @ Kromhouthal, Amsterdam 

2022EI/Y/IJ‘ – Group Exhibition @ Art Bar Kippy, Amsterdam 

2022Sluijters Prijs, exhibition of nominees‘ @ Kunstrai, Amsterdam 

2022De rat‘ – Solo Exhibition Curated by Fenne Saedt @ Ruis, Nijmegen

2021  Duo Exhibition with Emiel Ambroos Curated by Kasper van Moll @ The old Rembrandt Theater, Arnhem

2021  ‘Hot Damn, Thank You Ma’am!’ – Graduation Show @ ArtEZ Arnhem

2021  ‘A good day with Hester’  – Group Exhibition @ Collectie De Groen, Arnhem

2021Don Pedro van Alfaroubir’ – Online exhibition curated for Mister Motley

2021  ‘Untitled‘ – Solo Exhibition @ Het blauwe Veld, Arnhem

2020  ‘Familiar Un Familiar’ – Group Exhibition @ Jedan Osam Jedan, Rotterdam

2020   ‘Pfff’ – Group Exhibition @ Omstand, Arnhem

2020   ‘Listen To The Hummingbird’ – Group Exhibition @ Plaatsmaken, Arnhem

2020   ‘De uitspraak’ – Thanks to Plaatsmaken @ Vitrine Paleis van Justitie, Arnhem

2019   ‘The Concrete Comedy Club’ – Group Exhibition & Performance Night Curated by Willem de Haan @ MAMA Rotterdam x Club Haug, Rotterdam

2019   ‘5 and a half Floor’- Group Exhibition @ ArtEZ, Arnhem

2019   ‘One Night Show with Hester Oerlemans’ – Group Exhibition @ Collectie De Groen, Arnhem

2019   ‘See you at Platform 11, a Very Fast and Romantic Traveling Exhibition’ – Group Exhibition Curated by Ruben Planting @ NS Intercity, Arnhem/Utrecht

Awards & Grants

2021 Sluijters prijs, Nominated

2022 Buning Brongers prijs, Nominated

2022 Jan Naaijkens prijs, Nominated

2022 Heij Konijn Fonds, Granted

2022 Stroomversneller Schakel 025, Granted


20172021  BEAR (Fine Art) ArtEZ, Arnhem

20212022 Master/Apprentice program @ Kunstpodium T

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